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What will be printed in my book?

By default, the following content will be printed in your book (they can all be unchecked in the “Choice of the content for the timeline” section):
Statuses (inside the selected time range);
Cover Pictures;
Timeline Pictures;
Mobile Pictures;
Profile Pictures;
Photo Albums;
Comments (you can limit the number of comments per photo in the “Options” section).
Pictures and smileys in comments
Videos (with a QR code to have the link)
The text and the comments on multi-photo posts
Even if our goal is to retrieve all the content, there is some content that is blocked by Facebook, we are working with them to improve this aspect in the future. Here is the list of what we are not able to collect:
Tagged Pictures/ Tagged posts (Blocked by Facebook)
Wall Messages (Blocked by Facebook)
Birthday messages (except those posted with a picture)
Life Events
Event pages
Private messages
Group pages
Album description and comments
Application posts