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Recent reports indicate that up to 80% of people in the current business market have at some point hunted for a job online. With so many people job seeking online, the big question is: what are the best practices for finding an online career? There are many websites out there that state they can help with job seeking, but it’s up to you to figure out which one matches you and utilize them appropriately. Below are some tips for getting the best out of your job hunts.

1. Plug in to social networks

When searching for game, hunters often call on two modes of hunting: active and passive. A hunter actively looking around for game uses their senses and continues to move about, as many people are familiar with. But passive hunting is a less explored option, which involves setting up traps and baiting. Your social networks online are a type of this passive hunting, by putting yourself out there in a formal way without much effort. By utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you create a presentable face for your employers to search and stumble on. This is a great way to keep yourself out there no matter what.

2. Have a professional email set up

When job seeking, having a professional email set up that has your name in a clearly and legibly enables would-be employers to contact you easier. It also conveniently creates one email for all of your job-related activities to funnel into. Setting up a way to be alerted of new messages to this email aids in job seeking, because it lets you know immediately what is important or not.

3. Hunt daily

The worst thing you can do is applying to a few jobs and then waiting for replies. Keep actively hunting. Not only does this keep you busy, but every single day new jobs open up. You never know when that dream job can open, so applying each and every day lets you keep on top of things. If you’re currently employed, that’s no reason to stop the job search either.

4. Keep a variety of resumes

While you may be very proud of your current resume, there is no reason not to have a number of well-tailored resumes highlighting different abilities. Online job seeking requires you to be dynamic, flexible, and by tailoring your resumes you can highlight the abilities that employers are looking for in each specific opening. There’s no resume that fits everything perfectly, so the more customized you can make a resume for a specific opening the higher your chances.

5. Utilize online forums, services and job hunting websites

Many websites out there offer sleek ways of applying, some as simple as clicking once to send your email to the employer. Things like this can enable you to blanket a sector with your resume and apply to many jobs at once. Forums for these websites can give you tips and feedback as to how to improve your resume. Other online services can search through local listings and enable you to find jobs in your sector. While job seeking, it’s best to utilize all of these in tandem to penetrate into the wide array of sectors you can find.

While hunting for a job online may seem daunting, following these tips to build a strong foundation can enable you to job seek with greater efficiency. Taking a day out to prepare and ready yourself can make the difference. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and also expand your hunt in new ways. You’ll never know what job will be the best for you.