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How Many Years Have You Been On Facebook?

 You probably have hundreds of posts by now. A big part of your life is already on Facebook servers. On average a Facebook user creates a 100 pages of a book each year!

 My Social Book Puts Your Life Into A Book

Your Social book or a friend’s from 25 to 500 pages.
$9.90 for 25 pages  (Free shipping)

My Social Book is much more than a photobook… Try it now! Enjoy your best moments and the comments from your friends! An easy and simple way to keep a trace of your Life. Archive your memories in a safe place.

Do you like to show and share your Memories?
A Social Book is the best way to share all of your memories with your friends and family! Just leave it on the coffee table and see how people love getting into your common memories.

Are you looking for the Perfect Gift to offer?
You can order the Social Book of any of your friends. With Social Book you are certain to make the most personal gift and show that you care about others.

Did you experience Something Amazing?
With Social Book you can tell the story of your latest travels or wedding. You will find all of the pictures you have posted and the funny and supportive comments from your friends.

How do you keep the Diary of your Life?
Your Social Books will stay Forever as the faithful witness of your best accomplishments – the small things as well as the biggest!